About us

"Imagine it and we will do the rest"

Excellent Yachting Ltd is a company with more than 40 years in yachting industry.

Excellent Yachting LTD is framed from professionals with new ideas and innovative approach to the customers providing services adapted in their needs and wishes. The heritage of experiences, know-how and naval profession from the Farinola Yachts as well as the history of family which activates from 1950 in the field of brokerage and  chartering had as a result the foundation of this new company which has been adapted completely to the  needs of our days and yachting environment. We, the people of Excellent Yachting Ltd are yachtsmen, travelers and adorers of the sea knowing what will be needed in order for you to experience unique moments in the seas and the islands of Greece offering to you personal excellent services!       

Each case is uniquely studied, leaving nothing to chance, so the ultimate result is achieved, ensuring our clients, total satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Actually Excellent Yachting is made of passionate people who love to sail, explore and enjoy life every moment.


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Pollonia & Adamas, Milos, Cyclades, Greece 84800
+30 6982251638
+30 6975553786
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